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narrating your


When it comes to taking a breathtaking photo, lighting is everything. It also happens to be my speciality. After 25 years photographing weddings, families, and newborns, I'm here to shine beautiful light on you and yours.




To me, being a great photographer doesn't start and end with me. I enjoy getting to know who I am photographing and creating a relationship with. When I start to fully understand the parts, the quirks and the qualities that make you and your love unique, it allows me to better translate that into meaningful photographs and not just a pretty picture. 

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”
       Andy Warhol

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." 

-Dorothea Lange 

Michelle has now photographed the birth of my two children, our family photos twice, and a Motherhood Bloom with my daughter. I am so in love with all of my photos every time that it is always so difficult to figure out which ones to frame! Michelle has even helped me arrange the photos from four different shoots in my house because I have so many now, but I LOVE them all! Now that I am in Zoom meetings all day long, I get so many compliments on two of the canvases that Michelle took. I am known for having the photos by the "best photographer"!!! 

Jennifer R.

We’ve done newborn sessions twice, mother/son, mother/daughter, and quite a few full family photos with Michelle, and I can’t say enough about how talented I find Michelle and how much I love working with her!!! She’s kind, smart, and EXTREMELY patient. Every time I get my photos back, I’m over the moon. Her photos are STUNNING!! If you’re looking for someone to capture the true beauty of your family, Michelle is it. She is the best photographer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!

Jess T.

I first discovered Michelle after she photographed my brother-in-law’s family. They spoke very highly of her, and her work speaks for itself, so working with her was an easy choice for us! We’ve now done family photos with Michelle multiple times around Massachusetts. My babies are only little once!! Michelle always finds the most charming, perfect spots to shoot, and she is a master at understanding the environment. Every time I get my photos back, I’m THRILLED! She has impeccable taste! We can't thank her enough for capturing beautiful photos of our family! 

Ainsley M.

Michelle is a true artist. The photographs she has captured-from my pregnancy to the arrival of my son to his first birthday- are special moments I will treasure for a lifetime. I find myself returning to her images over and over for their beauty, timelessness, and artistry. And as someone who's not very comfortable in front of the camera, I appreciate Michelle's grace and ability to make us all look like we love being on the other side of her lens. Michelle has become our trusted family phortographer and friend, and we always get excited to see the magic she creates when we're together. 

Monica M

When Michelle began photographing my family, I had only one son. He is now 8 and has two younger siblings. I’ve done multiple newborn and family portrait sessions with Michelle to document my family as it grows and changes, and every single time I get my photos back, I’m AMAZED! The final look of her photos always blows me away. Michelle is amazing with natural light.

Alexandra B.

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